Wooo! ScourgeBringer is on Steam! news + Download Free Game PC Full Version

Discover the fast-paced roguelite platformer ScourgeBringer, today officially revealed with a first look trailer from independent developer Flying Oak Games, coming on PC.

ScourgeBringer aims to channel the mystery and rawness of an early Metroidvania, with fluid controls, fearsome bosses and a punchy soundtrack. It follows the adventures of Kyhra, who must descend deep into a dungeon within an Eldritch monolith to uncover secrets guarded by ancient machines.

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Hey Bringers!

We are super pumped to finally unveil our new game that we are making with sound designer Joonas Turner and publisher Dear Villagers.

ScourgeBringer is a super fast-paced rogue-platformer. You can image it as a blend between Devil May Cry and Celeste. You can jump around, climb and slide on walls, and slash, dash, smash, blast ALL THE THINGS!

Discover our reveal trailer to celebrate:

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You will get the chance to possibly join the alpha / beta of the game and interact directly with the team!

We’re looking forward to show more content and blast our way through Steam!


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