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Timely for the imminent release set for June 5th, Focus Home Interactive has released the launch trailer for the long-awaited vampire action-RPG Vampyr. After developer DONTNOD made the decision to delay the game in September last year, they seem to have had enough time to polish the game up to their satisfaction.

DONTNOD made themselves a name after their first commercial release Remember Me released to moderate reception but their true rise to fame came with their second title Life is Strange which proved to be both a critical and commercial hit in 2015. Naturally fans we excited to see what the developer’s next project was going to be.

It has been quite a while since Vampyr‘s initial reveal in 2015, but we have received lots of gameplay snippets and information about it since. In Vampyr the player will assume the role of Dr. Jonathan Reid, a newly turned vampire midst the fallout of the first World War. The game is set in London in the year 1918 and will follow the freshly undead uncovering secret societies and trying to uncover the truth behind the Spanish Flu pandemic, all while struggling between staying true to his Hippocratic oath and the new lust for human blood.

Vampyr marks a shift from DONTNOD’s previous success as it will feature role-playing and action-combat gameplay with a big focus on narrative and player choice. Indeed, players will be able to decide which victim to relieve of their life juices, whether to engage in combat or choose a non-lethal path. This change of gameplay direction from the developer’s previous game Life is Strange came as a surprise and it likely has become the biggest project the 10-year-old studio has undertaken, the gameplay videos we have seen so far have shown a solid game and further made us confident that DONTNOD has put a lot of effort on what made them beloved in the past. A big  focus on a strong narrative.

Check out the launch trailer and stay tuned for more information when Vampyr releases on June 5th.

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