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Stuffed 2: Five Nights at Fedetronic’s


About Stuffed 2: Five Nights at Fedetronic’s

Stuffed 2: Five Nights at Fedetronic’s: 60 years have passed since the end of Stuffed: A five Nights at Freddy’s Movie, a male elder named Federico decided to open a local purely ecological, with animatronics and food consists of natural ingredients ….
Fedetronic’s Burger Kingdom, where adults find their nostalgic childhood.
New animatronic make their debut … along with Pup … and even Frederick Wolf, Heleonore the duck, Lucky the Cat and Strongman, forgotten for thirty years.

No Fan included

Coding: TBFPSBoLt
Graphics: Fedetronic
Phone Guy: Kzep
Sound Research: Both
Beta Testing: Fedetronic
-12 Cameras

-10 Animatronics

-1 Music Box

-1 Timed security door

-1 Security window

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