Shadwen PC Game Full Version Free Download

Shadwen PC Game Full Version Free Download. Shadwen PC Game Full Version is available now on our website and you can download for free. Download Free Shadwen PC Game Full and enjoy to play this great Action, Adventure game in premiere on your pc..

Shadwen PC Game Full Version Free Download

Shadwen PC Game Full Version Free Download

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Shadwen Game Description

Shadwen is a stealth-activity amusement where the main guideline is to stay inconspicuous. Stay concealed – or the savage watchmen will execute you without hesitation!

Shadwen, a professional killer on a mission to murder the ruler, has a chance experience with a stranded young lady, Lily. She takes after Shadwen on her perilous voyage, however when the savage watchmen get excessively close, Shadwen must make a move directly before Lily’s eyes.

Will Shadwen hazard the young lady’s sprouting trust by falling back on brutality, or attempt and discover another way while keeping her genuine reason hid?

To murder or not to execute – that is the issue.


MOVE FREELY – Sneak and investigate around the dull and lumpy medieval region and utilize nature further bolstering your good fortune – utilize your rope to catch onto housetops, noiselessly drop from roofs, or cloak yourself in the shadows.

STAY HIDDEN – Pick your deaths precisely. Abstain from being seen, heard or getting got in a roundabout way. Suspicious sights and commotions will alarm the gatekeepers – use it to your advantage.

TIME IS AN ACCOMPLICE – Time stops when you are not moving Shadwen, permitting you to stop anytime mid-movement. Rewind time to control your over a significant time span activities!

USE PHYSICS – Use material science and an openly appendable rope to drag and topple objects. Make passings look coincidental; let gravity do the grave work.

Make TRAPS AND HAZARDS – set up traps and risks to draw protects towards their unfavorable death; find better approaches to dispense with or divert your enemies by making things into lethal shocks, including poison traps, spike gadgets, imitation toys and that’s just the beginning.

TWO CHARACTERS – Embrace the obscurity with Shadwen and her capacities to secure Lily and make a sheltered entry for her.

Title: Shadwen PC Game Full Version Free Download
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Frozenbyte
Publisher: Frozenbyte

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