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Scrunk is out!

After years of prototyping and development we’re happy to finally be releasing Scrunk onto early access. Scrunk is a team-based building and raiding game all about the crazy base designs people can come up with and the ingenious ways people manage to raid them. Utter chaos is the best way to describe it.

Build your base

Step one is building your base. You and your team collaborate to safe guard your base’s core. The first team to destroy the other’s core wins. You can use all sorts of traps and barricades to safeguard your base. You can learn more about building your base in our Scrunk 101: Building.

Raid the enemy

Once you’re happy with your base it’s time to start raiding! You can use all sorts of weapons and explosives. The goal is to get to the enemy’s core blocks and destroy it with guns, rockets or improvised explosives. Check out our Scrunk 101: Raiding for more info.

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Fight for scrap

Scrunk also features a number of PvE elements. Fight off hostile skitterer hordes, shoot drones out of the sky and avoid deadly blast zones. You’ll need to scavenge scrap to craft most of the tools you’ll be using. Have a look at Scrunk 101: Fight for scrap to learn more about scrap-related mechanics.


What’s next?

Over the next few days we’ll be talking more about our roadmap for the game detailing some of the exciting features we’ve got planned for the next few months.

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If you’d like to join our community click here to join our Discord. We’d love to chat with you and see your crazy base designs, art, etc. Come and say hello! You can also find us on Twitter.

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