Red Alliance is released on Steam! – Red Alliance – Update 69 news + Download Free Game PC Full Version

After 6 years of development Red Alliance is now being released on Steam!
The game has received volumetric lighting, entirely reworked sounds in the whole game, improved gun play and more.

Hey guys!

We are really happy to bring the news that Red Alliance is finally being released. The game has received a substantial amount of refinements in gameplay, sound and visuals since the last Update video. Below is a full list of changes as well an Update video itself.

Steam Store Page:

Prison with volumetric lighting

Gameplay changes:
-Weapons have received more unique variants that can either be acquired by exploring or dropped from certain NPCs.
-A lot more scoped weapons are now present in the game.
-Explosions have been greatly optimized.
-Plastic and wooden objects can be set on fire via explosions,
-Destructible props’s behavior has been improved.
-Now using Object Pooling which greatly optimizes run-time instantiation of objects.
-When Player is low on health and kills an hostile NPC, NPC will drop a small health pack that restores 5 HP.

City level with volumetric lighting

Visual changes:
– Implemented volumetric lighting in to entire game, mainly affecting exterior levels such as City and Mountains as well dense post-attack Prison environment.
– Scoped weapons now use a custom Red Dot Sight shader.
– New muzzle flashes and fire particles, both using distortion effect.
-TV screens now make a random glitch effect sound and play a glitch effect animation.

Flooded Storage area

There are a lot of smaller scale things that I have worked on but haven’t mentioned. I would like to thank everyone who has supported the development of Red Alliance. Your support was incredible!

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