PS4 Exclusives Spiderman and Days Gone get lengthy new gameplay videos

spider-man ps4 2018
Marvel’s Spider-Man

All major platform holders and publishers may have concluded their E3 showcases but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything else to show. The official PlayStation Youtube channel has uploaded lenghty videos on some of their upcoming games. E3 demos for PS4 exclusives Spider-Man and Days Gone are now available for your viewing pleasure on Youtube. Check them both out!

Undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated games PS4 owners are looking out for, is Marvel’s Spider-Man. Now, while Rocksteady’s Batman video games have somewhat skewed recent judgment on comic book game adaptations in a favorable light, we shouldn’t kid ourselves. Those were rather welcome outliers and game adaptions from both comics and books have a deservedly bad reputation. And that is exactly why Marvel’s Spider-Man could be a new positive outlier. As a PS4 exclusive, Sony did pull out the big guns by signing Insomiac Games as the developer. Insomniac developed several high-profile series, most of which were exclusive, like Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and has thus proven they can deliver console sellers. What we are seeing in this long snippet of Spider-Man tells us, they are on track to continue with that.

Joining Marverl’s Spider-Man, Bend Studio’s Days Gone also got an extensive demo show at E3. In the demo called “You Got A Death Wish” we see our protagonist Deacon navigating a small area, trying to reach his best friend Boozer. We also learn that there will be different types of, what the game calls Freakers, mutated zombie-like enemies. Newst, small Gollum-like creatures which hide from you, but never stay too far away, only attack when you are hurt, urging you at all times to keep your guard up. Hordes of hundreds of Freakers build a swarm which can become your doom but which you’ll also be able to lure towards enemy encampments. The developers made sure to explain that the world of Days Gone is alive, not only with its dynamic day and night cylcle, but also with its wildlife and rather intelligent Freakers, who built nest, have to find food and so on. Thus, each player and playthrough will be unique, whether it is the playstyle you choose, Run&Gun or stealth, or how you customize your motorcycle.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will release this year, September 7th, with Days Gone coming out February 22nd next year.


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