Protocore Update #01 : Jan 2019 news + Download Free Game PC Full Version

First update ! Pretty much how it all started, and where we’re at now.

Howdy everyone !

Name’s Vylia, and I’m part of IUMTEC, the devs behind PROTOCORE.
PROTOCORE’s a fast-paced shooter playable in singleplayer/coop up to 4, and being developed for PC.
We wanted to share a bit about how the game came to be, and how much has been done ‘til now.


It started in mid-2016 as 2 buddies wanting a good coop-based FPS, quite challenging with dual weapons because it’s badass. We were learning as the project was taking shape, and it was as difficult as it was rewarding.

Old room IG

Around a year later, when searching for distinctive features to add to the project, we remembered being frustrated by that feeling of “owning” the game, and knowing all the patterns. Therefore, we decided to work on an AI that would manage the difficulty of the game, via events that depend on the player’s actions, or his overall ‘skill’.

helper dead

August 2018: PROTOCORE has its first playable version! It still doesn’t reflect the entirety of the game nor everything that has been worked on until now, but it’s something we can show around, right?
Well, not exactly. We realized too much time was put into making the game nice, pretty and not buggy; the ‘shape’ if you will.
As for actually exciting features like the AI mentioned previously, it’s still not satisfying enough at the time, and thus not yet implemented.

Then comes January 2019! We decided to work on the things that are actually the core of the game, even if it isn’t visually appealing. Let’s get back up from this rookie mistake! More enemies, BOSSES (and huge ones at that!), actually putting story/lore elements into the game… All the good stuff!

ScreenPreAlpha 10

And that’s pretty much where we are today! Stay tuned for more!

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