Overwatch’s Pink Mercy raises recordbreaking $12.7m for breast cancer research • Eurogamer.net

Blizzard’s limited-time Pink Mercy skin for Overwatch has raised an enormous $12.7m (£9.5m) for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

It’s the largest single donation by a company ever given to the charity – and all generated by Overwatch players. Some back of the envelope maths suggests around 735,000 people bought the £13 not-for-profit cosmetic.

Blizzard had previously said that at a minimum it would donate $250k. Turns out a lot more people wanted Pink Mercy than that.

In addition, Blizzard also raised further donations selling real-life T-shirts, and $130k via streams on Twitch.

Here’s Jeff “from the Overwatch team” Kaplan presenting the $12.7m cheque to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and a thank you video from Blizzard:


PlayStation was criticised for the way it phrased the listing for the Pink Mercy skin on PS4 – unlike the PC and Xbox versions, it suggested it would not give the item’s full amount to Blizzard – a situation which, despite pressure to explain itself – it never properly resolved. “We are not making any profit from sales of Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin,” Sony said at the time.

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