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The Empress of Flame is coming to the New World very soon.

Monster Hunter World Lunastra_07

Just when you thought Kulve Taroth’s departure on May 31st would provide a break from Elder Dragons, Lunastra is coming to Monster Hunter World. The female counterpart to Teostra, Lunastra is more aggressive and utilize blue flames to decimate Hunters. Check her out below in the latest trailer.

With a new Monster comes new armour and weapons, some of which are showcased below. Lunastra is also capable of fighting together with Teostra for devastating attacks. Lunastra’s gear seems to also require materials from other dragons like Bazelgeuse, Xeno’jiiva and Nergigante. Along with her arrival, there will also be tougher Tempered Elder Dragons called Arch Tempered Elder Dragons. The images in the Capcom Unity post indicate that Kirin and Vaal Hazak will be some of these new threats.

So yes, if Tempered Kirin has horrified you till now, then an even tougher version is on the way. Monster Hunter World’s title update will be going live on May 30th at 5 PM PT. If the new Fallout reveal disappoints, there’s always the Empress of Flame to fall back on.

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