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Check our new hardcore action RPG game made in Unreal Engine. Shortly before the playable Alpha version release, we decided to let you look under the hood in the following first look article.

What a great day! After three years of development, we can finally present our game to the outside world. If you like what you see, don’t forget to subscribe for upcoming alpha release and follow recent news on Twitter.


Lost Hero is an action RPG strongly focused on a dynamical sword fighting as the most important part of the gameplay. Swinging your sword from side to side simply won’t be enough to master the game. Enemies are going to be clever and you as a player have to have a right rhythm and tactics to beat them.


This game is not for everyone. Lost Hero is going to be a hardcore and highly skill based matter. Don’t expect us to lead you by the hand. The system won’t be forgiving and even a small mistake can make a difference between life and death. Prepare for a rough fun for real gamers.


Now you can easily guess our base inspirations. Games like Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Nioh or Lords of the Fallen strongly influenced the development, but we plan to go even further. Our plan is to bring a co-op mode, various difficulty levels where players can compete for each other in a top list. Finally, we want to let players build up their own deadly levels.


The world of Lost Hero is broken by the conflict of multiple races fighting for their supremacy. It is set into a crossing between dark fantasy and sci-fi. Most of the recent levels are build upon a medieval-looking environment mixed with futuristic alien like mechanisms and accessories. Our world is full of huge structures like castles, cathedrals or bridges to explore. Each of these places is inhabited by various creatures of a different race which you have to overcome.


So, enjoy nany deaths trying out our October alpha.


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