Infinity Land, a challenging 2d platformer with a level editor news + Download Free Game PC Full Version

Infinity Land is a browser game, 2D platformer with a level editor. Create your own levels, share it with the world, and get access to all of the levels already created by the community.
Inspired by the classics of the Super Nes era, Mario Maker and the difficulty of IWBTG.

I’m a big fan of Mario maker and hard games like IWBTG. Except Mario rom hacks, there is no “Kaizo maker” on PC, so i made one. The public beta is available, play directly in your browser: PLAY

First here is the trailer:

The hard difficulty is a key aspect of the gameplay but a casual player can also enjoy some easy levels. There is a wide variety of elements which interact in different ways, possibilities are infinite.

The character can use three different spells:

  • A standard fire spell with infinite charges.
  • An ice spell which creates ice platforms.
  • A teleportation spell.

Infinity Land spells

The level editor has a clean and easy to use interface:

edit mode

You can browse created levels, comment and like. It’s a small social community:

Infinity Land menu

There is a Challenge mode (similar to the “100 Mario challenge”) and a quick play mode.
Controller support (plug and play).

Try the basic controls tutorial without registering: TRY IT
Here is a non-exhaustive list of power-ups and interactions between elements: Special interactions
Patchs : Patch and news

Social network and contact:

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