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Hover : Revolt Of Gamers Early Access


About Hover: Revolt Of Gamers

Created and developed by three young independant developers, “Hover: Revolt of Gamers” may be a artistic movement 3D parkour game in associate degree openworld. Halfway between the crazy universe from set Radio, the interactivity of Mirror’s Edge and impressed by movies just like the fifth part or Star Wars ; “Hover: Revolt of Gamers” takes place in another world wherever you are to blame of a band of Gamers skanky against anti-video-games laws opressing the town.

You’ll have to free the subject restrained by autorities, localise so infiltrate opposing video games information management centers, retrieve diversion consoles condemned from the population to overthrow the new politician, WHO is that the explanation for this mess.

You can be a part of your friends on-line at any time and progress throughout the journey in their company, sheep you’re cooperating or operating against them. Participate in races created in real time by the community similarly.
Wherever you’re and what you’re doing within the town, running around or within the middle of a mission, it will be potential to attach to a server, instantly shift to multiplayer.

Sometimes our Downloader is seen by some antivirus as a threat, but do not worry, this is just a false alarm that does not damage your system! To avoid problems, please turn off your antivirus software when downloading and installing and then turn it!



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