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Grass Simulator Full Game PC


About Grass Simulator

Strap it on and lock ‘n’ load in Grass Simulator, wherever you’ll Shoot, Loot and MOO! your manner through multiple game modes turned around…GRASS!. Grass Simulator can revolutionize the manner you check up on grass; rather than it being that inexperienced stuff that you just sometimes see in your garden that you just ne’er mow (Yes – we all know you neglect it).

You play as Garry Rambler, a villain mercenary that at liberty from hell UN agency has sworn to require revenge upon the illusory cows that lurk among the shadows whom dead his family, stuck in a very purgatory stuffed with nothing however cows, grass and a lot of cows. solely equipped along with his hair, cliché 80’s mullet and wine bottle revolver; the precise revolver he accustomed kill the legendary cow god that ordered his family to be dead, he should reason himself in a very cruel, unforgiving dimension.

Key Features

Classic Mode – Explore your environment equipped with your magnum, walk among the dense grass and trees and shoot cows that never seem to die.

Dubstep Cow Mode – If being a cow isn’t cool enough, how about DUBSTEP COWS?!

Shooting Range – Test your aim at the shooting range, just try not to blow your foot off.

Grass Simulation Mode – Simulate a single piece of growing Grass, next-gen simulation.

Snowfall – Walk around the snowy mountains, with cows that are pretty cold.

Multiplayer – Experience Multiplayer with 4-16 players, host and create your own servers.

Bad Disco – What could go wrong when you add cows to an outside Disco?.

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