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The eagerly awaited and final expansion pack brings new bosses and a “whole new mode”.

Hollow Knight Gods and Glory

Steel your Nails – Hollow Knight’s third and final DLC Gods and Glory will be releasing on August 23rd for Nintendo Switch and PC. Like the previous two content packs, Hidden Dreams and The Grimm Troupe, it will be completely free. Check out the latest trailer below.

Promising new bosses, new NPCs and new secrets, Gods and Glory will also bring a “whole new mode” to the table. Could this be New Game Plus, thus allowing players to tackle tougher bosses and keep their progression rolling? We’re not sure at this point but it would certainly add a lot more replay value on top of the stellar base game.

Hollow Knight released in February 2017 for PC and arrived on Nintendo Switch in June 2018. It sold a whopping 250,000 copies on the Switch while also notching up an impressive 1 million units sold on PC. Considering the game’s Kickstarter obtained AU$ 57,138 out of a proposed AU$ 35,000 goal, it’s good to see the developer’s hard work being rewarded.

If you haven’t played Hollow Knight, then check out GamingBolt’s official review of the Switch version.

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