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The Firefly and Castle actor also believes that the Hunter Vanguard isn’t dead.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Cayde-6

When Cayde-6 was shown to be dying in the recent story trailer for Destiny 2: Forsaken, many fans were upset. “Upset” is an understatement actually as fans held a memorial site outside the LA Convention Center at E3 2018 to mourn his death. Much of the appeal is thanks to voice actor Nathan Fillion who really flexed his talents in Destiny: The Taken King when Cayde-6 became a central NPC.

However, as much as fans have been mourning Cayde’s death, he’s not even voiced by Nathan Fillion this time around. In a recent episode of Kotaku Splitscreen, Fillion – whose recent fan film for Uncharted was met with praise – revealed that he didn’t play Cayde-6 during the E3 2018 trailer. Furthermore, he hasn’t voiced the character at all in Forsaken. Instead, Nolan North (who voices the Ghost) has stepped up.

Fillion does believe that Cayde isn’t really dead, joining the legions of other fans who feel the same way. Regardless, has all this mourning been for nought? Should fans really mourn a character who isn’t even voiced in the next DLC by the main reason for his personality? It’s an interesting paradox but you have to wonder if Fillion will ever return to the franchise at some point.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is out on September 4th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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