Focus Home Interactive unveils Greedfall, new RPG set in baroque 17th Century


Publisher Focus Home Interactive just released an announcement trailer for their newest RPG, Greedfall. Developed by Spiders, Greedfall will feature the adventure of newly arrived settlers on a mysterious island, and is set to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2019. Check out the announcement trailer!

In this upcoming RPG, players will find themselves departing from their homelands which are on the brink of ruins by the Malichor plague, and venture on a new path, setting foot on a far away island in hopes of escaping the difficulties of the old world and create a new and better one. As a new settler on a foreign island, you will try to find a cure for the disease that is destroying your country, while also exploring your new home. You will encounter indigenous people and learn more about their secrets and magical capabilities but also encounter dangerous creatures on this mythical island.

No concrete location is known yet but Greedfall’s setting is heavily influenced by 17th century Europe and a beautiful baroque aesthetic. Developer Spiders emphasizes the role-playing elements, allowing the player to create their own player character and unique experience by offering them a class-less progression system with over 100 skills to learn and mix. Furthermore, players will have the choice how to accomplish missions, either by brute force, deception and even diplomacy.

Greedfall Artwork
Greedfall Artwork

While we haven’t seen any gameplay footage yet, the cinematic trailer for Greedfall sets up the tone and setting for Spiders new RPG. The French game developer is no rookie at crafting expansive role-playing experiences, with titles like Technomancer, Bound by Flame and Of Orcs and Men among others under their belt. They carved themselves a niche by constantly creating new IPs in the RPG genre and attracting role-playing aficionados. Whether it is not enough funding, time and manpower constraints or something entirely else, Spiders didn’t manage to score a homerun hit game so far, and continued to stay in the realm of “only” double-AA with their games receiving average reviews. It seems to be working for them though, since Focus Home Interactive has been steadily funding new projects.


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