FazBear Nightmare Free Download PC


FazBear Nightmare Free Download PC


About FazBear Nightmare

FazBear Nightmare: An Investigator sent to investigate claims made by Mike Schmidt after his final night at the popular Freddy fazbear’s pizza. you manage to pay off the new day security guard to not lockup when he’s done so you can sneak in at night. you feel like you know this place, but you can quite remember how. but freddy remembers you and he doesn’t want you to leave.

Experience Freddy’s like never before

Freedom from the guards chair

Use your camera to see something else wandering.

New areas,

New mechanics

New engine

New story

Same Freddy

Forget Five nights, can you last 5 hours?

FazBear Nightmare Free Download PC!

Sometimes our Downloader is seen by some antivirus as a threat, but do not worry, this is just a false alarm that does not damage your system! To avoid problems, please turn off your antivirus software when downloading and installing and then turn it!



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