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Major update to the core mechanics of Honey, I Joined a Cult, including new missions system, core mechanics and User Interface overhaul.

We’ve been working hard on our Alpha 2.0 build which will see a complete overhaul of many parts of Honey, I Joined a Cult. Including:

Mission system and world map

You can now send your Cultists on missions at various locations to do the bidding of your cult. You might be rounding up vagrants at the local homeless shelter, you might be poisoning the water supply. Missions will allow you to wield your cults power in the outside world – perhaps you’ll take a particularly aggressive stance towards external threats, or perhaps you’ll keep your head down, slowly infiltrating the political system and focusing on your cults image. Missions take place at different locations that can be seen on the map. As the game progresses, more locations become available. Some missions are also connected and will allow you to develop a specific story arc (if that’s something you want to pursue).

Game Map

For your mission to be successful, you’ll need to make sure you send the best Cultists out to do the job. Traits and skills play an important role in the outcome, as does planning the mission in advance in your cult HQ. For example, certain missions will only be able to be performed if you have a Cult member with a certain trait, and gaining a cult member with the said trait will likely require you to have already successfully completed a different mission/built specific items within your base/located certain items. Planning missions will increase the likelihood of success but also puts further pressure on resources, as you’ll have to commit Cultists to time in the relevant room, planning the mission. Missions have a number of outcomes ranging from catastrophic failures, which might end in Cultists being arrested and the Cult suffering other severe consequences, to Overwhelming success, whereby you’ll get the reward of the possibility of other beneficial consequences.

Homeless Mission

Radio Mission

Custom room size building.

We initially put in fixed room sizes thinking that they would be sufficient to allow people to build the base they wanted. As we allowed more people to play HIJAC we quickly realised that this wasn’t the case and people wanted full control over room size and shape. Implementing custom room sizes provided us with a number of technical issues to overcome, due to how we had made the game around the fixed sizes, but they have now been fully implemented and we’re very pleased with the results. In reality, nobody was happy with pre-set room sizes so now you can drag build whatever size rooms you want.

User Interface

At the start of the development we wanted the UI to be merely functional but as we’ve progressed we’re trying to make it not only more attractive, but more intuitive. This is still a WiP but we’re getting there. Any feedback on the UI from the community would be much appreciated. In general the feedback at Insomnia 62 (our first expo) was that all of the UI needed to be bigger, so we’ve improved the scale of everything. We’re also moving away from the minimalist monotone design that we had used before, because, quite franky, it was a little too minimalist. Although we’ve not made the interface over-complicated we’ve added in a few extra touches to make them more colourful and to break up the large blocks of monotone which made up the vast majority of all of the menus before.

Follower Overview

Follower Levelling

Cultist overview

Do you want to worship an espresso machine? Visit our Steam Forum

We’re really interested in what you’d like to see with HIJAC. We’ve been asking for feedback on our steam forum and have received great responses. For example, turns out that lots of you want to have the option for your Cultists to commit mass suicide (an incredible amount of people have requested this). Others want more focus on cult rituals and further ways to personalise your cult. Certain people want to be able to worship root vegetables or espresso machines. The feedback that we’re getting is helping shape the game (and is pretty entertaining), so drop by the steam community forum (link below) and let us know your weird and wonderful ideas.




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– Simon & Ed

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