2018 Indie Games Year in Review feature + Download Free Game PC Full Version

Get mods running in your game with mod.io

Launched in May 2018, mod.io is a powerful mod API for game developers to tap into the creativity of their playerbase. Take control of your mod community on all platforms and stores, to ignite a world of possibilities. Interested in mods and finding out more? Get started now or reach out to chat about our solutions for indies and big studios.

var proudwhich = true;

setInterval(function(){ if(proudwhich) {
$(“.headernormalbox .body div:last-child”).replaceWith(proudnew);
proudwhich = false;
} else {
$(“.headernormalbox .body div:last-child”).replaceWith(proudoriginal);
proudwhich = true;
}}, 60000);

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