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War for the Overworld Full Game PC


About War for the Overworld

Do you feel you’re in an exceedingly slump? Monotonously disemboweling evil guys in endless quests for gold and a rather higher try of boots? you’re beginning to marvel… square measure heroics extremely your calling? Welcome to the War for the Overworld!

War for the Overworld could be a Dungeon Management Game that employs your favorite aspects of the RTS and God Game genres. You play associate omnipotent, malevolent Underlord, long banished to the Aether. With unequalled dark power associated an unsatisfiable want for bloody conquest, you may arise all over again, and reclaim your realm!

In your absence, the Underworld lost its approach. It became feeble and frightened of the Empire of the Overworld, that grew sturdy and with boldness comfy in its quiet retirement from evil-slaying. Carve out your dungeon from the soil and stones of the Underworld, and build dozens of distinctive rooms to draw in a myriad of creatures to your halls to figure and fight for you.

In addition to your trustworthy followers, you’ve got damaging spells and powerful rituals to forged upon any unsuspecting tidy Hero (or rival Underlord) WHO dares to breach your unconsecrated halls. together with your unmatched dark powers and mighty army of bloody minions, you’re prepared for your War for the Overworld!

War for the Overworld Key Features

Build Your Dungeon – Excavate and build your dungeon beneath the earth of the Overworld. Design it’s layout as you see fit, creating an underground fortress filled with a wide variety of rooms, each with a unique use and purpose.

Evil Is Back – Play as an Underlord who has awakened from a deep slumber after countless years drifting in the Aether. This realm hosts a variety of enemies — both Heroes and Underlords will stand in your path as you fight for dominance of the Overworld

Veins of Evil – Choose from over 60 rooms, spells, potions, rituals, defenses and constructs in the Veins of Evil as you progress through the game. There are a plethora of possible Vein combinations you can use to conquer the Overworld. Create your own unique flavour of evil!

Fortify Your Domain – Build a wide variety of defenses within your walls to defend against — and destroy — those who seek to invade your domain.

Cast Wicked Spells – Call down unholy magic to strengthen your dungeon, route enemy forces, flood corridors with Micropiglets, or simply turn a meddlesome Hero into a geyser of giblets.

Unleash Devastating Rituals – Punish your foes or empower your own forces with game-changing Rituals that can do anything from raising an undead army, to instantly fortifying your entire dungeon.

Command Powerful Minions – Over 20 minions await your call, and will gladly work and fight under your banner… if you provide them with all the creature comforts they demand.

Conquer the Overworld – Play through a feature-length campaign, facing off against the Emperor of the Overworld as you fight for complete supremacy inthe Realm of Kairos

Destroy your Rivals – Take the fight to your rival Underlords in Skirmish or Multiplayer matches with up to four players!

Test your Mettle – Run the gauntlet of the prototype Survival mode and see if you can top the high score against waves of enemies!

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