Time Machine VR Game Free Download

Time Machine VR Game Free Download. Time Machine VR Game is available now on our website and you can download for free. Download Free Time Machine VR Game and enjoy to play this amazing Adventure, Indie, Simulation VR Game in premiere on your device..

Time Machine VR Game Free Download

Time Machine VR Game Free Download

Time Machine VR Game Description

You are a time-traveling cadet tasked with investigating the Jurassic time and the old animals that once managed the ancient seas. Things take a turn when dissolving ice tops in the present unleash an antiquated savage infection that destroys to humankind… also, the way to the cure lies in the uncommon animals of ancient times. You will require your minds and crafty to survive the past and save what’s to come.


Svalbard and the DinoDex

You start your voyage inside your central goal center point, in Svalbard, Norway. It protects your time machine and comes furnished with the DinoDex, a safe of the data you will gather from the ancient animals you experience. Each time you come back to Svalbard with new revelations, transfer them to the DinoDex to open vital information and animals.

The Jurassic Oceans

Pilot your time machine through the deceptive seas of ancient times, where mosasaurus, livyatan, and megalodon, among others, meander the profound. Utilize your cutting edge hardware to track, test, and sweep these monsters, extricating the data you require. Lure animals to make unsafe circumstances advantageous for you. Solidify time and perform perilous close-up echography and take novel live depictions of animals in real life with Behavior Scan as you endeavor to satisfy your central goal.

Investigation MODE

Return to finished levels and open significant knowledge about the Jurassic-time animals you have confronted. At that point, take after these signs to reveal the way to mankind’s survival.


A diversion about time travel, ancient animals, and human eradication;

Story Mode;

Investigation Mode;

Investigate an immersive Jurassic submerged world;

Explore a living and hazardous biological community populated by baffling animals: mosasaurus, livyatan, megalodon, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg;

A broad ashore VR mission center point situated in Svalbard, Norway;

The DinoDex: transfer gathered information, and open animals;

More than 10 hours of gameplay.


Time Freeze: Briefly back off time around you, then utilize that minute to draw in with animals at short proximity;

Tracker: Visibility is constrained in the slippery Jurassic seas. Utilize the Tracker to find animals oblivious or behind rock developments;

Test: Shoot it at animals to in a split second gather hereditary information about their species;

Examine: Approach ancient animals and use Scan to assemble insight on particular anatomical elements;

Draw: The Jurassic seas of Time Machine VR are living biological communities, where you’re comprehension of the dynamic natural way of life assumes a definitive part on your capacity to finish your main goal. Use Bait to make circumstances that move the chances to support you;

Echography (Echo): Use Echo’s ultrasound innovation to comprehend the inward workings of the monsters of the profound;

Conduct Scan: Take one of a kind live previews of animals in real life;

Exo Scan: Take exactness outputs of an animal’s surface to reveal concealed points of interest that may have gone unnoticed at first look.

Title: Time Machine VR Game Free Download
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Developer: Minority Media Inc.
Publisher: Minority Media Inc.
Release Date: 19 May, 2016

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