Three Houses, Comes out early 2019

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nintendo just had its E3 Direct broadcast, where the Japanese console manufacturer and developer showed off more than just details on their new Smash game. Fire Emblem: Three Houses was unveiled and came with announcement gameplay trailer. Check it out below!

Fans of the long-standing tactical role-playing game Fire Emblem series have been anxiously waiting for a new mainland title to arrive on Nintendo’s new premier console-handheld hybrid. Today, their prayers have been answered when Fire Emblem: Three Houses was unveiled during Nintendo’s E3 Direct.

We also got a nice first look at the gameplay in the new Fire Emblem’s trailer. From an eagle-eye view above the battleground, players will be able to command their units on a grid-based strategically. On top of solid strategic game mechanics, the series has garnered the favor of its fans with its deep role-playing elements which consist of customization, leveling up and even romanticizing.

We were also finally able to witness a traditional Fire Emblem game no longer being held back visually by a relatively old and weak hardware, as it was the case with the 3DS. Beautifully rendered big combat scenarios are portrayed in much higher visual clarity. Character portraits are crisp , with a beautifully clean and detailed UI visible on the screen.

And once the player finalizes a combat maneuver, we see the camera dynamically pan closer to the ground, where we witness gorgeously animated battle scenes in never before seen visual fidelity. Striking visual effects accent fights involving many combatants. A very exciting time for fans of Fire Emblem games.

But the spectacle does not end there. We are also shown how outside of the strategy-focused battle, our player character roams freely within a beautifully detailed world, from a much closer third-person view. It makes for a great immersive experience.

We are looking forward to spring 2019 when Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases on the Nintendo Switch.

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