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The changes sound a whole lot more sensible.

One of the reasons behind Splatoon 2‘s ongoing popularity has been Nintendo’s excellent post launch support for it, with free maps, modes, gear, and weapons added to the title on a weekly basis. For that last one, a new weapon is added to Splatoon 2 every week- but, Nintendo has announced, it will be changing things up a bit from here on out.

Instead of one weapon added every week, Nintendo will add four weapons every month. Functionally, that comes down to the same thing- but it leads to a slightly more stable metagame, since instead of always having to adjust to a new weapons, players only have to adjust to new ones once a month. This also means that each new weapons drop is likelier to have something that you will end up liking.

Splatoon 2 launched exclusively on the Nintendo Switch last year. Later this year, it will be getting the new story expansion Octo.

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