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Watch Spider-Man swing across the city, dispose of baddies and wise-crack about it.

More gameplay footage for Insomniac’s Spider-Man has arrived courtesy of a demo present on the E3 2018 show floor. Along with showcasing the open world, the gameplay focuses primarily on Spider-Man’s movement and combat capabilities. Suffice to say that there are tons of different options. Check it out below.

Along with his traditional web-slingers, Spider-Man also wields some explosive web bombs that can snare foes. Performing takedowns along with various combos, including air juggles, is possible. Of course, if you want to drop heavy objects or toss them at enemies, that’s also an option.

Stealth is very reminiscent of the Batman Arkham series, especially when it comes to taking down snipers in vantage points and swinging across rafters. Of course, the fluid and fast movement, aided by different web-slinging abilities help distinguish things. And darn it if Peter Parker doesn’t come across as likable in all of this.

Spider-Man is out on September 7th for PlayStation 4. What are your thoughts on the demo? Let us know below.

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