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Shattered Skies PC Game Full Version Free Download

Shattered Skies PC Game Full Version Free Download.Shattered Skies PC Game Full Version is available now on our website and you can download for free. Download Free Shattered Skies PC Game Full and enjoy to play this amazing Action, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG game in premiere on your pc…Shattered Skies PC Game Full Version Free Download

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Shattered Skies PC Game Full Version Free Download


Shattered Skies Game Description

Smashed Skies is a gigantic determined open world shooter MMO including full plunder drop, merciless PVP and element PVE goals for both coop and solo play with backing for huge scale bunch versus bunch encounters. Figure out how to survive and battle repulsive animals chasing survivors like yourself. Pick up experience and step up your character to have the capacity to utilize better weapons and making formulas. Investigate the world to discover epic plunder and character restorative things, exchange with NPCs and additionally different players. Secure your plunder in the wellbeing of the Global Vault, open at particular non battle zones on the guide. Overwhelm the universe of Shattered Skies with your companions!



We keep it basic — one time buy. No microtransactions, no season passes, no paid DLCs. We need you to appreciate the diversion without feeling compelled to purchase supports or things to stay aggressive. All things, weapons, beautifiers and character progression in Shattered Skies is earned through great out-dated gameplay.

Reasonable PLAY

Player uprightness is a tremendous part of the amusement and tricks basically make it no good times. Smashed Skies utilizes a best in class Anticheat framework grew particularly for the requirements of our player base since we know managing con artists is a standout amongst the most imperative parts of running a stable MMO. We likewise have a zero resistance boycott strategy, with players who are discovered duping being banned until the end of time. We work to distinguish them and after that boycott all the new records that they will make.


Smashed Skies highlights center survival mechanics as a pattern that pastes the gameplay together. With level of authenticity with Food and Water administration and also therapeutic conditions impacts for your character, Shattered Skies at last is not making progress toward hyper-authenticity. We need players to have a great time.


Redo weapons you find in amusement with one of a kind barrel, side rail, optic and hold adjustments that immediately change the details and treatment of weapons. Investigate distinctive blends of weapon connections to accomplish genuinely exceptional weaponry fit to your own play style. With spotlights that can be flipped on and off for blinding rivals, streak hiders to diminish gag glimmer and holds to significantly lessen weapon climb and backlash, optics for a wide range of various scopes of battle and numerous more connections we’re certain you’ll discover your specialty with our weapon customization. Certain uncommon weapons can likewise utilize a grouping of one of a kind weapon skins that can be plundered and exchanged for in the realm of Shattered Skies.

Worldwide VAULT

The Global Vault is a secured lasting capacity accessible to all players. The Global Vault exists with the goal that you can store your most significant belonging for use at a later time. A few things are best utilized as a part of conjunction with others thus putting away them away in your Global Vault is an incredible approach to keep them secured until it’s the correct time to utilize them. Worldwide Vaults can be found inside both Dominion Outposts and additionally Brotherhood Hideouts.


Gather many lootable things that can be utilized as a part of conjunction or autonomously making amusement play dynamic and novel every time you visit any territory. Scattered all through the world are: nourishments, fluids, weapons, weapon connections, projectiles, lootbags, deployables, landmines, traps, strongholds, protective layers and character customization’s and additionally uncommon static plunder box brings forth which can be opened like a fortune mid-section in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to discover them. Supply Drops likewise skim down from the sky arbitrarily with valuable uncommon plunder and they are set apart on your HUD to let everybody battle for them. Smashed Skies is a full plunder drop amusement where PVP is not just supported, it’s compensated.

Strategic maneuver

Advance your character’s level and expand your notoriety with 3 remarkable groups: The Dominion, The Brotherhood of Chaos and The Merchants Guild. Every group offers one of a kind prizes to the individuals who have earned their appreciation. Step up your character by investigating the world, finishing undertakings, battling creatures and taking an interest in world occasions!


There are two sorts of extraordinary regions in Shattered Skies: Dominion Outposts and Brotherhood Hideouts. The center distinction between the two being the No-Combat zone inside the Dominion Outposts and the absence of No-Combat zone inside Brotherhood Hideouts. Domain Outposts are an awesome spot to get together with your companions without the danger of different players meddling because of the way of the Non-Combat standard set. Territory Outposts are an extraordinary spot to meet new players and build up gatherings or exchange with players or NPC’s. Fellowship refuges while all the more strategically placed on the guide are best utilized rapidly and discretely as different players might hope to trap you while you’re getting to the Global Vault.


There are different approaches to gather remunerates and acquire experience by means of element destinations accessible to players on the guide: Dominion Roadblocks, Merchant Guild Uplink Stations and the Dominion Reactor. Detours and Uplink Stations are solo or gathering PVE exercises that give prizes to players who can effectively repair the harmed gear situated around the target and effectively secure it. The Dominion Reactor occasion is a unique gathering just half breed PVE/PVP action in which bunches must battle to balance out the reactor. The gathering that effectively balances out the reactor are all remunerated for their support.


Advance your character and pick up experience by killing outsiders, finishing map targets, opening uncommon Loot Crates or slaughtering different players. As your character step up you’ll have the capacity to prepare more elevated amount hardware that will help you in player versus player battle and in addition against outsider enemies. As you play the amusement and partake in exercises you’ll open perpetual restorative things for your character that can be prepare at whatever time and absolutely never drop on death. Dress your character to suit your inclination and dash into fight with style.


Ever needed to invigorate your most loved concealing spot? Presently you can with different strongholds which can be conveyed on the fly for your benefit. Make spread amidst an open field to turn the tide of an else uneven PVP trap with only a couple of deployable blockades. Keep Aliens under control while you securely escape out the back window of a house at the last possible second. We’re certain you’ll see a wide range of employments for these deployable spread articles.

Companions and GROUPS

Smashed Skies is a PVP diversion on a fundamental level and we anticipate that you will play with companions and gathering with others to handle the destinations on the guide as some of the time it can be perilous to go alone. Add players to your companions rundown and play the amusement together with them by means of a straightforward snap of a catch. Once a player has acknowledged your companion demand you can join their server and get together in a split second instead of spend throughout the night running over the world attempting to get together. We have made it as helpful as could be expected under the circumstances for players to get together with companions and frame gatherings to handle the difficulties of Shattered Skies.


…All survival shooters should have creating right? We consider making a decent side dish yet not as the fundamental course. Creating in Shattered Skies will help you immediately get advantage through whichever things you choose the specialty or move forward. Our creating is interesting in that we continue making materials separate of the player stock making overseeing making materials a breeze for any client. Making materials don’t drop on death, don’t take up any stock space and don’t take up any weight. Make quickly from your stash of making supplies on the fly anyplace on the planet the length of the formula doesn’t require a Crafting Table in which case you’ll need to find a Crafting Table to finish the specialty.

Title: Shattered Skies PC Game Full Version Free Download
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Developer: Free Reign Entertainment
Publisher: Free Reign Entertainment

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