Remedy reveals Supernatural Action-Adventure Game Control

Control by Remedy

Sony’s E3 Press Conference today had some amazing games on offer. One of those was Control, a third-person supernatural action-adventure game made by the talented folks over at Remedy and published by 505 games. It’s set to release next year. Check out the impressive announcement trailer!

What was once known under the codename Project 7, was finally revealed at today’s E3 Press Conference from Sony to be Control. Remedy’s newest title features a mix of satisfying gunplay and combat, what we have come to expect from the developer, and a mind-bending setting with almost surreal environments that change shape and size.

Starring Jasse Fadens, Control puts the player in control of the new director at a secretive agency in New York, simply called the Federal Bureau of Control, whose tasks are dealing with the unexplainable and supernatural. As the fresh director, players will face an attack of an unknown otherworldly enemy with the help of other agents. While doing so, Jasse will be able to use supernatural powers herself to turn the tables in her favor.

The trailer shows a familiar yet strange world where seemingly behind everything lies a secret, where the world itself stops working to our understandings, with walls shifting, moving like in a dream. Our hero Jasse all the while, shows that she herself has some secrets of her own. She levitates and zooms through air, moves objects by will and hurdles them towards any threat, and wields a mysterious type of weapon with which she fights creepy-looking enemies.

A very captivating setting, where players will have the chance to further explore the incomprehensible happenings, pursue side-quests and solve cryptic cyphers. Finish developer Remedy surprised us, after their last game Quantum Break was initially an Xbox One exclusive, by announcing their new game on the competitor Sony’s E3 stage. Backed by publisher 505 games, we are eager to learn more what the talented game artisans are concocting. If we go by their past achievements like Mad Max, Alan Wake and Quantum Break, something special for sure.

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