Nioh 2 gets announced at Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Nioh 2

Following the ranks of games being unveiled for the first time with a short trailer, Nioh 2 was just announced during Sony’s E3 Press Conference. Unfortunately, very little is known at this time but we know that publisher Koei Tecmo is once again giving development duties to Team Ninja. Check out the announcement trailer!

Prior to this year’s E3, many rumors and leaks were making their way through the internet. A sequel to 2017’s dark, feudal mythical Japan themed action game Nioh was not one of them. So it came as a welcome surprise when viewers were greeted with the short announcement trailer for Nioh 2 today.

Sadly, not much info was given with the announcement. In fact, even the trailer does not show a whole lot. A warrior fighting Japanese demon monsters is shown who gets made quick business by the imposing beasts and turn himself into a demon. A teaser for sure, to ramp up the excitement among fans, for what is likely to be revealed further upon in the near future.

The original Nioh managed to captivate the attention and hearts of many gamers early last year, with its unflinching and uncompromising focus on a methodic melee combat system, atmospheric and moody world set in feudal Japan and punishing difficulty, heavily influenced by fellow Japanese action game Dark Souls. Despite obvious influences and comparisons, just as we noted in our own review back last year, Nioh managed to impose a strong character and impression of its own, which helped it sideline being a mere clone but stand tall and proud on its own merits.

This makes us only that much more eager and excited that we are going to get a new game in the Nioh franchise. Stay tuned to get the latest info on Nioh 2 and follow us for more E3 coverage.

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