Meeple Station now live on KICKSTARTER news + Download Free Game PC Full Version

We’ve just launched our campaign on Kickstarter for Meeple Station! Our space sim is looking to raise $40,000 AUD in 34 days! Our Meeple need you!

Today we launched our Kickstarter campaign and we’re off to a good start. The whole team has been working tirelessly getting us to where we are now and we’re holding our breath hoping for a successful campaign!


(The game has Z layers! for extra FUN)

What is this all about? Why are you on Kickstarter?

Glad you asked. Meeple station is a Cooperative Space Station building simulation, it’s populated by Meeple (kind of like People but they’re cute and extremely accident prone), and it’s the player’s job to try and keep them all alive whilst building a space station.

I’m the sole programmer and I’ve been woking at this for several months getting a playable demo ready. Now that it’s available I wanted to launch into Kickstarter to keep me fed on beans and soup to see it through till the end. I’m a huge fan of economy/building simulation games, and an all time lover of Dwarf Fortress, so this sort of game has always been a goal for me. If we can reach our goal we’ll be on track to release the game early next year!

Tell me MOAR!

Ok ok, calm down!
It’s an open-ended game, meaning you can build and progress at your own rate in your own way. Meeple are also pesky little creatures and can often trip over cables, open airlocks and cause all kinds of problems you need to pay attention to. Here are some photos taken by our community and shared on our Discord channel that might help give you an idea of the game. Ya know, a thousand pictures speaketh a million’eth words or something.

Here, someone attempted to cut off the officer from the rest of the station (they were becoming a nuisance)

Officers are a necessary evil for your station’s technological growth. Here one of our testers decided to try and seal his officers off in their own little space station, so they couldn’t roam around the main station creating random build orders. (five Meeple expired in this attempt)

A well run station, with a working botanist!

This was shared by another tester who finally managed to get a working station! (after several failed attempts). Unfortunately a meteor shower came shortly after…

Officer culling, building airlocks in the officer's quarters to try and reduce their unwanted population

This person cleverly decided to build airlocks in the officers’ quarters. It was super effective! (But the officers just keep coming!)

An overworked meeple, collapsed into sleep just outside the airlock

This Meeple was overworked, and collapsed into a deep sleep, just outside the airlock… he later chose to exit the airlock without a suit.


This image is from one of my very own stations… WAS from one of my stations. Need I say more?


You can grab a copy of our demo from IndieDB and start playing now!

Or better yet, if you back us on kickstarter you can get constant access to our development build, playing and testing all of our content as it’s being created! Pretty cool huh? NO? what?! ok ok, if you back us on kickstarter I will also GIVE YOU A COPY OF MY LAST GAME (Regions of Ruin) while you wait for us to finish development on Meeple Station.

Fingers crossed, if this kickstarter succeeds we will have a blast finishing this game! Come join us on our discord, give us some ridiculous feedback! (Clowns and Squids are already a decided main feature)

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