Lethal VR Game Full Version Free Download

Lethal VR Game Full Version Free Download

Lethal VR Game Full Version Free Download.Lethal VR Game Full Version is available now on our website and you can download for free. Download Free Lethal VR Game Full and enjoy to play this amazing Action, Simulation game in premiere on your device…

Lethal VR Game Full Version Free Download

Lethal VR Game Full Version Free Download

Lethal VR Game Description

Lethal VR is an immersive Virtual Reality weapons encounter for the HTC Vive conveyed to you from Three Fields Entertainment, makers of Burnout, BLACK and Dangerous Golf.

Venture into the shoes of a FBI Recruit and be tried in a progression of weapons recreation works out. Every reproduction is contained five short difficulties highlighting an assortment of little weapons. Toward the end of every test you will be reviewed on your execution. Do you have what it takes to procure a Lethal rating?

Your capacities will be tried in 30 distinct difficulties spread crosswise over 5 levels of weapons reenactment. You should exhibit speed, exactness, destructive precision and the capacity to try to avoid panicking under weight.

Good Luck, Recruit!

Challenge Types include:

Fast Draw

Draw your weapon and shoot! Effective applicants should exhibit both speed and precision!

Cut Throw

Demonstrate your aptitudes in the old craft of blade tossing. What number of Bullseyes would you be able to hit? Extra Points will be granted for numerous Bullseye chains. Talented hopefuls can score numerous hits on every Target.


Put your gun aptitudes under serious scrutiny in our uncommonly planned 360 degree room scale VR Weapons Range. Targets will seem surrounding you, above and beneath. Extra Points will be granted for Speed Shots, Bullseyes and tying Headshots together.

Fast Fire

With a Weapon in every hand, how rapidly would you be able to decimate the majority of the Targets? Ace the aptitudes of Rapid Fire and Rapid Reloading. Look for Penalty or Civilian Targets that may obstruct your line of flame.


Hone your urban battle abilities in our 360 VR room scale recreation rendition of Hogan’s Alley. Shooting over, under, through and around obstructions may require stooping down or laying on the floor!

Your execution will be evaluated after effective finish of every test. Just the most capable Recruits will be granted a “Deadly” evaluating. Enlist Candidates who accomplish beat evaluations over all Simulations will be set apart for optimizing and advancement once this a portion of your preparation is finished.

Neighborhood Leaderboards will monitor who are the most Lethal Recruit Candidates among your loved ones.

Gaining a Rating in every Challenge will open unique Bonus Challenges. These component extraordinary weapon models compassionate on credit to us from our own Advanced Weapons Research Division. Hollywood thought they were simply anecdotal. In any case, we’ve been creating exceptional weapons like these for quite a long time. Utilization of these Weapons is entirely Bureau classified, and in that capacity, their presence must be kept mystery. Keep in mind! Free Lips Sink Ships!

Here is the full weapons list we will use for now’s Simulations.


Tossing Knife

Twofold Handgun

Twofold Throwing Knife

Handgun and Knife

SMG Burst Fire

SMG Full Auto

Twofold SMG Burst Fire

Twofold SMG Full Auto

SMG and Knife


Immersive Virtual Reality weapons encounter

Developed from the beginning the HTC Vive – a genuine 360 room-scale encounter.

Put your abilities under a magnifying glass with a wide assortment of energizing Weapons.

Venture into the shoes of an activity motion picture whiz.

Straightforward ability based scoring framework.

Neighborhood leaderboard tracks best players.

Culminate diversion to acquaint loved ones with energizing new universe of VR!

Title: Lethal VR Game Full Version Free Download
Genre: Action, Simulation
Developer: Three Fields Entertainment
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Release Date: 8 Nov, 2016
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