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Plus, a Kingdom Hearts themed PS4 Pro wit every Kingdom Hearts game ever announced.

Kingdom Hearts 3 may run best on Xbox One X, but it looks like Square still had something up its sleeve for the platform with which the series has historically been associated the most. Square announced that a special Kingdom Hearts 3 themed PS4 Pro would be released- it looks super pretty- but that, impressively enough, it will have Kingdom Hearts 1.5Kingdom Hearts 2.5, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8, as well as Kingdom Hearts 3– which means every single Kingdom Hearts game made to date.

Which is great! But we also got a brand new trailer for the game, which confirmed Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean characters and world for the game. Who all looked uncannily like they do in the movies, I have to admit.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to launch on January 29 in North America and Europe. It will come out on PS4 and Xbox One. Make sure to watch the new trailer below.

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