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Introducing Stellar Sovereigns my upcoming 4X space strategy game with turn based empire management and real-time space battles and planetary invasions.

Hello IndieDB community!

It is my great pleasure to introduce Stellar Sovereigns to the community! Stellar Sovereigns is a 4X space strategy game, that leverages turn based game play to deliver meaningful empire management experience and real time game play to deliver RTS like space battles and planetary invasions.

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Stellar Sovereigns is under development for a while now and i have produced a number of features that are showcased in its teaser trailer.

Current features:

  • Procedurally generated volumetric star-chart
  • Procedurally generated generated solar systems
  • 10 Planetary surfaces, one per each planet types
  • Procedural generator for the layout of colonies
  • Real time ground combat featuring the planetary invasion scenario with AI integration
  • Real time space combat featuring power management (engine, shield, sensor, jamer, weapons) of each ships with AI integration.

I invite you all to the Stellar Sovereigns website and to the social media feeds where i will post regular updates and development diaries with greater detail on existing and upcoming features.

I will of course post here on IndieDB so stay tuned and leave a comment i would be happy to answer any question that you have.

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