Hard Reset Redux PC Game Full Version Free Download

Hard Reset Redux PC Game Full Version Free Download

Hard Reset Redux PC Game Full Version Free Download. Hard Reset Redux PC Game Full Version is available now on our website and you can download for free. Download Free Hard Reset Redux PC Game and enjoy to play this amazing Action, Adventure game on your pc..

Hard Reset Redux PC Game Full Version Free Download

Hard Reset Redux PC Game Full Version Free Download

Hard Reset Redux Game Description

The acclaimed First-Person Shooter returns completely redesigned, and more delightfully difficult than any other time in recent memory. Hard Reset Redux is a fresh out of the plastic new form of the cyberpunk exemplary that incorporates all the substance of past releases, and includes new enhanced gameplay, upgraded visuals and extra substance to make this the Definitive Edition of Hard Reset.

Hard Reset Redux is an activity pressed and bad-to-the-bone single-player shooter which grasps the best qualities that the class has it offer. It incorporates over-the-top devastation, heaps of adversaries, awesome weapon assortment, a testing effort and a perfectly acknowledged cyberpunk setting. Having been initially created to shake-up the shooter scene on PC, Hard Reset now comes back to do it again on another era of equipment.

New Features

Fresh out of the plastic new Cyber-Katana Weapon: An intense new weapon which gives a viable short proximity battle alternative

Fresh out of the plastic new Enemy Type: Various variations of a debilitating new Cyborg Zombie now lie in sit tight to unsuspecting players

New Quick Dash Move: Provides players with another development choice in fight to abstain from approaching assaults and foes

Upgraded Visuals: The amusement has been redesigned to the most up to date adaptation of the RoadHog motor and incorporates enhanced lightning and impacts

Enhanced Performance: Enjoy quicker Load times, another Quicksave highlight and full joypad support

Rebalanced Gameplay: The amusement now incorporates enhanced trouble levels and better pacing

Diverse Enemy Placement: Enemies are presented distinctively all through the amusement, and give another test to even the most prepared Hard Reset veteran


The world as we probably am aware it stopped to exist. Mankind is at the edge of termination, living in the last shut city of Bezoar. Humankind takes up arms against the machines controlling limitless regions of what turned into the ‘Barrens’. Machines need to control and absorb ‘The Sanctuary’ a system that holds billions of digitalized human personalities. Our saint, Maj. Fletcher, is an officer of CLN – a partnership battle unit, set up to secure the city. Machines are always attacking the dividers of Bezoar. Fletcher moves in when Bezoar’s defensive obstruction is broken.

Title: Hard Reset Redux PC Game Full Version Free Download
Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment
Release Date: 3 Jun, 2016

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