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EA must be feeling a lot of pride and accomplishment right now.

Sony isn’t the only one making a killing at the stock market, as it seems like EA’s stock value has hit an all time high- it currently trades for over $148.50, as pointed out by ResetEra’s Nirolak. This puts EA’s market valuation at $45.5 billion. In turn, that makes EA the second most valuable company in terms of market valuation, behind only Activision (who are at over $60 billion), and ahead of other companies such as Take Two, Ubisoft, and even Nintendo.

This, obviously, has to do with how well EA has performed financially- though their games output has arguably never been worse, and they have gutted the creativity of their developers in chasing that perennial Games as a Service money, they’re making mad money- which is all that matters to investors, after all. So here we are- EA’s now valued higher than they ever have been before.

Hopefully they will put some of that money into making great games again, like they used to not that long ago…

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