Cold.Shell Dev blog #6 – bugs, meme and a cat news + Download Free Game PC Full Version

Yes a cat, indeed. The game is all about bloody fights, so something cute is needed.

Hello, everyone

TL;DR – if you are here for the “CAT” part of article – scroll straight to the bottom.

This blog entry will be less words, but more visuals. Because reasons.
Let’s start with old but gold meme – made it just for fun and to try if cut scenes are a good idea.


Bugs, bugs, bugs. One encounters lots of them when developing a game. Sometimes they are small and are fixed in a minute. Sometimes it takes a month to fix a single issue. It depends on different factors.

Player could go through solid walls in some places. It’s now fixed, but was sort of funny (it was not funny to fix it, though – had to re-code lots of stuff).

Off borders 1

Off borders 2

The blood did not always spawn as intended. Randomizer was not random enough.

8 radiant blood


Sometimes i did a bad job with proper rendering of texts and tiles. Most often after something was changed by me, without looking back at consequences.

Mixed tiles

level texts

Everyone love cats. Our cat’s name is DLC.
It’s a hologram, and likes to watch your cursor.

15 DLCcat

I’m working on lots of stuff in game. Some things (like complex functional menus) take tons of effort to make them work properly. Sometimes I’m just too tired or too lazy to do something. Sometimes I sacrifice my sleep hours when I’m bursting with motivation and inspiration and push the development week ahead in a day.

Well, I think that’s enough for today.

Thanks for reading it – means a lot to me.

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