CD Projekt hints at a new Witcher game but it won’t be Witcher 4

Esteemed Polish game creators CD Projekt has teased a new entry in the Witcher franchise but it’s not like one would think. Studio CEO Adam Kiciński slammed down any possibility of a fourth entry to the RPG series.

USGamer reports that in an interview with Polish outlet Bankier, CEO of CD Projekt Adam Kiciński admitted that the Witcher franchise signifies a huge value for the Polish company in the future.

“The first three Witchers were by definition a trilogy, so we simply could not name the next game ‘The Witcher 4’. This does not mean, of course, that we will leave the world of The Witcher. The Witcher is one of two franchises on which to build the future activities of the company. Today, unfortunately, I can not reveal anything more”

Adam Kiciński, CEO of CD Projekt

Indeed, it was the decision to buy the rights of the popular Polish fantasy book series with the same title and adapt it into a video game which brought CD Projekt on the map for most people. The first Witcher game from 2007, while being a solid RPG game, became a success among hardcore fans of the genre. It was the second Witcher game from 2011 which became a big success. Part by appearing on the Xbox 360 and thus getting a wider audience but also by polishing the formula and streamlining the gameplay, so that genre newcomers could enjoy the Eastern European flavoured fantasy world.

Of course, CD Projekt broke the roof finally with The Witcher 3 in 2015, cementing the studio as one of the pearls in the game industry. The sheer scope, polish and love the studio put into their game paid off handsomely with the final instalment of the trilogy selling well over 25 million copies worldwide. A gigantic hit for CD Projekt.

So, it comes not as a huge surprise that the Witcher franchise will continue to exist but in what form, that is the question. Multiple spin-off titles like The Witcher Adventure digital board game and a stand-alone Gwent card game have been released but these offer new ways for fans and are hardly a substitute for a true Witcher experience.

But one shouldn’t expect to get their hands on a new Witcher game anytime soon, as CD Projekt is in the middle of developing their new tent pole franchise Cyberpunk 2077, and that title is possibly going to release in a couple years. This means, good news for Witcher fans but at this time, it’s better to look forward to their other RPG title.

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